WHYTE `Series A` 12 Way ADA



AE8497 WHYTE `Series A` 12 Way ADA

The Whyte Series A Distribution Amplifiers will connect directly to a Multiswitch subscriber output whereby the SAT and TERR/RADIO signals are passed through the Distribution Amplifier before terminating at the outlet plate. The TERR/RADIO signals are amplified before being distributed to the TERR & RADIO outlets.

The Whyte Series A Distribution Amplifiers are available in sizes ranging from 2-Way to 16-Way. The IRS Loop-through can also be used to cascade multiple units to create large scale Master Antenna TV systems (MATV). When used as a standard TERR and RADIO Distribution Amplifier the Whyte range of Distribution Amplifiers offer a professional low noise high gain solution.

  • 12 Way Cascadable
  • Gain Control
  • LTE Filter (4G)
  • RED Compliant
  • IRS Loop-Through
  • Internal power supply
  • Ultra-Low Noise ≤4dB
  • Remote Powering via all outputs
  • 10dB ~ 12dB Gain (depending on model See PDF)
  • Adequate cable clearance for routing underneath
  • Models available include 2 4 6 8 12 and 16-way output
  • High Quality Distribution Amplifier with a 4-year guarantee