VIDEOLOFT Cloud Video Storage Adapter

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SE9200 VIDEOLOFT Cloud Video Storage Adapter

You may be uncertain about implementing new technology such as cloud storage to your business. As with most things misconceptions can develop easily but don’t let the fear of the unknown stop you from transitioning to cloud storage and with it to a recurring subscription model.

Join the cloud revolution and Record straight to cloud from an IP camera to simplify the installation and save space onsite. Common applications will be Sensitive locations where video can’t be stored onsite residential & SMB separate camera watching DVR/NVR.
Critical cameras backed up to cloud customers who want to access video remotely regulatory requirements for onsite & offsite storage slip and fall protection.

Some customers still want local recording. But what if they need to keep video for longer than the recorder can store or want to be protected against recorder theft or damage? Record to a recorder and the cloud simultaneously to get the best of both worlds.

The Cloud Adapter

  • Adds cloud storage to legacy & new installs
  • Provides extra layer of security
  • Quick & easy install no network configuration required
  • Stores video in case of network outage

    Subscription Fees
    Each Cloud Adapter can support up to 8 camera channels in medium to heavy usage environments or up to 12 channelswhere there is relatively little motion activity.
    You the installer set the customer price there is No mark-up restrictions. Prices shown assume an average of 6 hours of motion events are uploaded per camera per day. If usage exceeds thisVideoloft may increase the price or reduce video bitrate following a discussion with the installer.

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  • See the PDF Document for the subscription Fees