TRIAX TdSCR-504 4 Way Multiswitch NEW



AE9082 TRIAX TdSCR-504 4 Way Multiswitch NEW

With a choice of 4 8 12 or 16 outputsThe NEW dSCR TRIAX multiswitches are compatible with Quattro and Wideband LNBs and support 1 or 2 satellite positions. Independent outputs for legacy or dSCR mode; can be used as cascade standalone or terminated.
Market-leading low power consumption means you can build large cascadable systems with a single PSU connected at any point in the system.

dSCR means digital Satelite Cable Router" - it converts received sat signals to "user bands"The converted transponders are combined/sent in one single coax cable to the receiver(s).
Communications between the dSCR multiswitch and the connected receivers is done via a specific protocol (EN50494 unicable I & EN50607 unicable II) - using DiSEqC commands.


  • Single cable technology (unicable) - allows for transporting DVB-S/S2 DVB-T/T2 DAB & FM signals
  • Much reduced installation costs of coax cables - as only one is to be used.
  • Easy split of SAT signals + easy adding of Terrestrial signals.
  • Earth Bars included for all subscriber outputs
  • low power consumption"