S.A.C. 187 Piece Professional Tool Chest



Spend £1500+vat (in a single transaction) and get a and get a 187 Piece Professional Tool Chest for FREE!


S.A.C. 187 Piece high quality Professional Tool Chest on wheels

  • Tray 1 Diagonal plier 180mm Adjustable wrench 200mm Water pump plier 250mm Long nose plier 180mm Slip joint plier 150mm Combination/Ratchet wrench 8-19mm
  • Tray 2 6x -Precision screwdrivers ( 9x -Hex keys (1.5-10mm) 24x -Bits for Driver (V3-V7VPH.0-VPH.4VPZ.1-VPZ.2VT-10-VT-35V.3-V.8 Driver Bit holder Driver Bit handle 5x Slot screwdrivers (3x75mm4x100mm5x75mm6x38mm6x100mm) 6x Posi-Drive screwdrivers: 3x75mm4x100mm5x75mm6x38mm6x100mm8x150mm 3x Insulated drivers (+)4x100mm(-)4x100mm5.5x100mm) Ratchet Screwdriver left/right Magnetic pick up Voltage Tester Haken bit.
  • Tray 3 12x 1/4 Sockets (4-13mm) 17x 1/2 Sockets (10-30mm) 2x 1/2Dr Plug socket (16&21mm) 2x 1/2&1/4 Universal joint 2x 1/2&1/4 Sliding T bar 3x 1/2*5'&1/4*2'&4' Extension bar Flexible extension 150mm 1/4 socket spinner handle 150mm 2x 1/2&1/4 Ratchet handle
  • Tray 4 2x 90mm Nylon clamps 12Oz claw hammer Lock plier 180mm Crimping plier 200mm Measuring tape Glue gun+glue stick Utility knife Electrical tape Aluminium Spirit level

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