Brand: Wyrestorm
Code: AE7830
Manufacturer: Wyrestorm
Man Code: EX-40
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Ultra Slim point-to-point extender set supporting full 1080p HD video, HD audio and two-way IR control over a single Cat5e/6cable with EDID and distance EQ management all wrapped up in impossibly thin chassis for unbeatable value, reliability and ease of installation.

  • Low Profile chassis height of just 17mm/0.67" for greater convenience and flush installations behind screens
  • Feature set supporting 1080p/24bit @ 60Hz video, HD audio, two-way IR
  • Manual EDID and EQ setting management for improved communication and compatibility between devices

    The WyreStorm EX-40 slim-line HD extender set offers distribution of full HD video, HD audio and two-way IR control up to 40m/131ft along a single Cat5e/6 cable under perfect transmission conditions.
    With a feature set including transmission of uncompressed 1080p HD video@60Hz with 24bit colour, full 3D compatibility, Dolby and DTS HD audio and bidirectional IR control of source from display area, and display from source location, the EX-40 also offers the added benefit of an incredibly low-profile for a greatly reduced form factor behind the screen for even more convenience and ease of installation at the display zone.
    The EX-40 also includes integrated EDID management on the Transmitter for manual handshake negotiation of connected devices for greater compatibility and additional long cable modes to maximise transmission capabilities over the cable distance. Similarly, the EX-40 Receiver offers manual EQ DIP settings to fine-tune transmissions by distance for optimal signal delivery to the display.
    Threaded bushings on the EX-40 12v DC power connections allow use of both standard and locking DC power plugs. Additional power connectivity is offered via phoenix ports, with LED indication for visual power supply to units and signal status to show established connection between connected devices.
    WyreStorm Extender products offer flexibility combined with an ease of use, convenience and cost-efficiency to provide solutions where reliable HD transmission and control over distance is required whether in a residential or commercial setting.

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