WHYTE 5Lite 32 Way Multiswitch WM532L



30% OFF NOW £123.00WHYTE 5Lite 32 Way Multiswitch WM532L
The Whyte 5 Lite range is designed for domestic installations as well as for small apartment blocks. The range is compatible with both Quad and Quattro LNB’s and comes in sizes ranging from 8 way to 32 way. Each unit comes complete with a separate PSU which enables the installation of the Multiswitch in areas where mains supply is not available, such as lofts and outdoor cabinets. The PSU can be conveniently located close to a mains supply and the DC F-Type lead can be extended using “Benchmarked” coaxial cable. A switchable 12V supply is provided which can power a Terrestrial Mast Head Amplifier if required


  • Quad and Quattro LNB compatible
  • Hi quality Standalone Multiswitch with 2 years warranty
  • Industry leading performance at a competitive price
  • Includes separate Power Supply Unit with F-Type DC Lead
  • 0dB SAT& TERR Insertion Loss
  • Switchable12V supply to power Mast Head Amplifier
  • Colour coded inputs
  • LED power indicator
  • Inbuilt Hi-Rejection LTE filter
  • Adequate clearance to route cables under the Multiswitch
  • TERR 12V DC Supply (switchable) 100mA
  • LNB Power Max 500mA
  • Switching Commands 13V-18V 13V22K-18V22K
  • Current Consumption (DC In) 130mA Max
  • Dimensions (mm) 151x151x43

  • Satellite 950-2150MHz
  • Terrestrial 47-790MHz47-790MHz

  • Satellite 0±3dB
  • Terrestrial 0±3dB