WF100 LSNH Euro Class Cca Cable BLACK 250m

Brand: Webro
Code: AE2537
Manufacturer: WEBRO
Man Code: 590003C-LSNH-BLK-250
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AE2537 WF100 LSNH class Cca Cable BLACK 250m

WF100 LSNH Euroclass Cca copper cable is manufactured to meet the Construction Projects Regulation (CPR). Cca copper cables can safely be installed in buildings that have high building fire safety requirements such as commercial buildings, leisure facilities, hotels, schools, administration buildings and office buildings.

Webro's WF100 LSNH, CAI certified CPR Classification Cca Cable, is designed for indoor applications and has been independently tested to Specifications EN50575 & EN13501-6 for Fire performance.Delivering high quality TV and broadband signals, this is the cable of choice in case of fire, for example, public and high rise buildings.


  • 1.00mm Plain Annealed Copper
  • Foamed Polyethylene Insulation
  • Plain Copper Foil Tape/ Plain Copper Wire Braid
  • LSNH Sheath: Class Cca
  • BS EN 50117
  • BS EN60332-1
  • CAI-007-C / 100 / 12-2016

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