NPR Tray for Patio Mounts

Brand: SAC
Code: AE3919
Manufacturer: SAC
Man Code: N/A
EAN: 5.06E+12
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SAC's Non-penetrating roof mount modular tray will fit most and eventually all SAC patio mounts. Mounts it currently fits are as follows:

AE3904 - 2' x 2inch Satellite Patio Mount
AE3906 - 2' x 3inch Satellite Patio Mount
AE3912 - 2' x 1 1/4' Satellite Patio Mount
AE3913 - 3' x 1 1/4' Satellite Patio Mount

It is possible to connect as many trays together as required to get a multi mount installation(as shown in image) or for heavy duty installations. Just simply bolt the trays together.

One tray mounting is only recommended for small dishes.

  • Hot Dipped Galvanising finish.
  • Tray size: 132 x 48cm
  • Tray weight: 8.50kg
  • Maximum 45cm x 45cm paving slabs
  • Mount & slabs NOT included
  • Includes 6 x 17mm bolts

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