UBIQUITI Professional Mounting System



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Ubiquiti UniFi Professional Mounting System

The UniFi Professional Mounting System is a versatile mounting system designed for use with the UAP-AC-PRO UAP-AC-HD and UAP-AC-SHD

The Mounting Plate offers a variety of mounting holes for different applications allowing for mounting the above UAPs onto walls ceilings ceiling tiles and drop ceiling rails up to 40mm.

The legend printed on the Mounting Plate identifies the holes used for each application as follows:

  • Wall mount (same hole positions as previous UAP models)
  • T-Bar Ceiling mount (up to 40mm)
  • 3.5 inch round Junction box (US)
  • 4 inch square Junction box (US)
  • Single gang Outlet Box (US)
  • 4 inch round Junction Box (US)
  • European Outlet Box T-Bar Ceiling mount (up to 40mm)
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