TRIAX TX45 Log Periodic Aerial



AE0932 TRIAX TX45 Log Periodic Aerial

TRIAX TX45 is a high quality 14 Element LTE Log Periodic aerialwith an excellent flat gain response across the band.

The robust design features a Hex Nut Clamp for Horizontal orVertical installation. The F connector can be rotated 90o- assisting a neat and professional installation by enabling thedrop cable to be installed vertically to the mast (whichever theposition of the aerial). The F connector is also protected by aweather proof cap with bayonet fitting.


  • F connector can be rotated 90 degrees
  • Aerial can be installed Vertically or Horizontally
  • Weatherproof cap with bayonet fitting toprotect the F connector
  • Flat gain response across the band
  • LTE filtering
  • Robust design with hex nut clamp