TRIAX TMB2500 DTT Channel Processor

Brand: Triax
Code: AE9155
Manufacturer: TRIAX
Man Code: 360238
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AE9155 TRIAX TMB2500 DTT Channel Processor

Unleash the best TV experiences with TMB 2500! The programmable Terrestrial Channel Processor is able to receive TV signals from multiple terrestrial antennas, It combines filtering, converting, level equalization and amplifying.

This very compact unit is recommended for large TV distribution networks in multi-dwellings or hospitality premises to provide outstanding TV quality.


  • 5 antenna inputs: FM / 4xVHF/UHF
  • Flex Matrix for more than 50 channels by 32 filters per 1…6 MUX enables individual channel processing to any output channel
  • Real-time AGC separately on all multiplexes
  • 50 dB suppression of adjacent channels
  • Automatic switch between LTE 700-5G/800-4G rejection
  • Slope to compensate frequency dependent tilt of the coax cable network
  • Setup locking with security code
  • Switchable remote feeding 0/12/24 VDC
  • SD card slot for saving and reloading individual setup configurations

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