TRIAX dSCR Optical Converter & Terrestrial

Brand: Triax
Code: AE9216
Manufacturer: TRIAX
Man Code: 307775
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AE9216 TRIAX dSCR Optical Converter & Terrestrial

The TDC3 has 2 dSCR/Quad outputs and aseparate Terrestrial output.

The TDC3 can be used in two modes depending on thereceiver connected to the outputsIt can be connectedto a standard Satellite receiver with PVR function, ora Satellite receiver in SCR mode. .

Both of the satelliteoutputs also carry the terrestrial services, and there isalso a separate terrestrial output on the converter.

The new TOF range from TRIAX has been developed specifically for the UK market, based on the new Wideband technology used by SKY in the UK, and complements their existing range of TdSCR multiswitches.

This range will enable the design and installation of medium to large Fibre Satellite TV distribution systems, providing excellent quality across all transponders. Multiple converter options are also available from single to multiple satellite positions, and for legacy or DCSS/dSCR enabled receivers

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