TEXECOM P-Elite Wireless Kit SMART KEY

Brand: Texecom
Code: SE1064
Manufacturer: TEXECOM
Man Code: KIT-0004
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All Texecom wireless kits are based on the Premier Elite 48 platform, offering up to 32 Ricochet enabled wireless zones in wireless, self-contained and hybrid panel formats. Compatible with the latest Premier Elite mobile apps and Premier Elite ComWiFi connectivity, each Premier Elite Wireless Kit provides scalability and design flexibility.
This kit contains:

  • 1 x Premier Elite 48-W LIVE
  • 2 x Premier Elite SmartKey
  • 3 x Premier Compact PW-W
  • 1 x Premier Elite Impaq Contact-W
  • 1 x Odyssey X-W Backplate

    Please Note! Bellbox cover not included in the kit. Please order SE1069

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