TELEVES CAI Approved '100' Cable BLACK 250m

Brand: Televes
Code: ZSPEC2
Manufacturer: TELEVES
Man Code: 413707
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ZSPEC2 TELEVES CAI Approved '100' Cable BLACK 250m

TRIPLE Screen (CPR Class Eca)*CAI Approved (Copper Conductor & Tinned Copper Braid Sandwiched between x2 Aluminium Foils)
Coaxial cable with both conductors made of copper (Cu/Cu) and outstanding braid coverage (55%). Triple shielded (TSH) cable, equipped with a second foil for extra shielded. An 18 VAtC cable with PVC sheath.
With three shielding layers (Trishield), this cable provide the highest immunity to interference thanks to its very high shielding. Recommended in cases of high electromagnetic noise levels.


  • Copper conductors
  • Class A+ shielded
  • Eca Euroclass

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