TELEVES CAI Approved RG6 250m

Brand: Televes
Code: AE2200
Manufacturer: N/A
Man Code: 212702
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Televes are the first to introduce to the market a CAI Benchmarked RG6 coaxial cable. This cable has gone through rigorous testing by the CAI (Confederation of Aerial Industries) and been given a benchmarked certificate: CAI 0096 A. This new standard of cable bridges the gap between the expensive CT100 professional grade cable to the lower cost RG6 coaxial cable.The new CXT-1 cable with a copper clad steel 1mm innerconductor and aluminium braid it is the perfect cable for singledwelling units.A screening attenuation of 75dB (Class A) in the UHF and 4Gbands it gives this cable an optimum protection against potentialharmful interference.Transfer impedance according to standard EN 50117 Class A.The 2127 is 'CAI Approved' (Cert. No. CAI 0096 A) CPR Class Aca

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