StorageTek Frame + 2L Cases & 1S Case



SPECIAL ORDER - Please allow 2 - 3 days for delivery

NS6000 StorageTek frame + 2L Cases & 1S Case
A unique storage solution for the handling and storage of tools and consumables.
StorageTek frames and cabinets can be secured in a van or workshop and contents stored in various boxes via an innovative drawer system.

The boxes are made from a durable ABS plastic and feature a frosted polycarbonate lid. The internal dividers are adjustable offering flexibility for the user to store various tools and consumable items and all boxes have firm lid clips, a carry handle and content ident window.

The steel cabinets and frames are powder coated and pre-drilled for floor or wall mounting.Accessories include an optional lockable door for the cabinets & splice kit for stacking frames vertically.

Product Range
Please ask your Grax branch about the full StorageTek range

  • STSC Small StorageTek Case Clear PC Lid
  • STLC Large StorageTek Case Clear PC Lid
  • SFS3SA Single Frame Including 3 Small Cases
  • SFS2L1SA Single frame Including 2 Large Cases & 1 Small Case (Featured NS6000)
  • SFS2LA Single Frame Including 2 Large Cases
  • SCS3SA-BL Single Cabinet Including 3 Small Case
  • SCS2L1S Single Cabinet Including 2 Large Cases & 1 Small Case
  • SCS2L Single Cabinet Including 2 Large Cases
  • SFSK Splice Kit for Vertically Stacking Frames
  • SC3D Small Lockable Door (for use with SCS3S/SCS2L)
  • SC4D Large Lockable Door (for use with SCS2L1S)