S.A.C. MINI Magician(Triple Boom K Band)



AE0765K S.A.C. MINI Magician(Triple Boom K Band)
This Aerial is Group K frequency band, please make sure this is correct for your transmitter, Group K covers UHF 21-48
A Mini triple boom Aerial with the look & performance of an Aerial twice its size. ONLY 65cm in length
15 Element, 9-13dB, High gain, K Band, end mount, DIGITAL Aerial. Easy installation with the use of F-Connectors. Multi use clamp allowing vertical and horizontal mounting. Protected against LTE/5G

Main Features

  • Element - 15
  • K Band Spec
  • Channel - 21-48 (K band)
  • Frequency - 470 ~ 694MHz
  • Gain - 9-13dB
  • Front-Back Ratio - 15-20dB
  • Beam width - H38° V55°
  • Impedance 75ohms
  • Assembled Length - 655mm
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