S.A.C. Log Periodic Aerial (K Band)

Code: AE0968K
Brand: SAC
SKU: AE0968K


AE0968K S.A.C. Log Periodic Aerial (K Band)

This Aerial is Group K frequency band, please make sure this is correct for your transmitter, Group K covers UHF 21-48

K Band 14 Element. 12dB. High quality. End mount. DIGITAL aerial. Easy installation with the use of F-Connectors. Multi use clamp allowing vertical and horizontal mounting.


  • Frequency: 470 ~ 694MHz
  • Channel: 21-48
  • Elements: 14
  • Gain: 7-10dB
  • Front-back ratio: 22 - 35dB
  • Connection: F type
  • K Band Spec

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