Push Through RJ45 Crimp plugs CAT5 x 100

Brand: N/A
Code: DC1003
Manufacturer: N/A
Man Code: PRORJ45-5
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DC1003 Push Through RJ45 Crimp plugs CAT5 x 100

Saves hours on big jobs and Save hours fault finding mis-crimps

The amazing Push Through RJ45 plugs are much, much easier and faster to fit than your standard RJ45 plug. With our Push Through range you can fit an RJ45 plug in under 60 seconds.Simply organise your cores, push them right through the plug, crimp and then the crimp tool will simply slice off the excess.This unique way of attaching an RJ45 plug means making network cables is quicker and more cost effective than ever before.

All you need is a bag of Push Through crimps and a Push Through crimp tool (Grax Order code: DC9002).Note: The DC1003 are for use with CAT5 cable only. For CAT6 crimps see order code:DC1004.

Key Features

  • Easy to see wire order
  • No worry about wire length in crimp
  • Saves hours on big jobs
  • Save hours fault finding mis-crimps
  • Pack Size X100

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