Optical TOSLINK Cable 10m



Connects high-performance audio components (CD/Blu-Ray/DVD players & game consoles) to a home theatre's receiver or preamplifier. Carrying a distortion-free fibre-optic digital audio stream the Toslink cable gives a purer audio signal than ordinary electrical wires making it truer to original recordings. Built for optimal signal transfer & minimal corrosion this cable's construction includes a durable PVC jacket gold-plated connections & stylish metal chromed connection housing. Use its multi-channel connection to send a Dolby Digital/DTS soundtrack to an audio processor or A/V receiver for surround-sound decoding.

  • Connects audio components to a receiver/preamplifier audio processor or DAC
  • Clear multi-channel digital audio & optimal signal transfer
  • Fibre-optics for sonic accuracy natural sounds & prevention of interference that electrical cables incur

  • Specifications
  • Connectors: Male Toslink to Male Toslink
  • 1/1.0 Fibre core
  • PVC OD5.0mm
  • Length: 10m
  • Colour: Black
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