Klarity 4 Way POE HDMI Extender KIT

Brand: Klarity
Code: AE0599
Manufacturer: Klarity
Man Code: K-55 4POE KIT
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AE0599 Klarity 4 Way POE HDMI Extender KIT

A truly smart solution for HDMI CAT Extenders.The K-55-4POE-KIT only requires power to the HDMI Transmitter. The HDMI Receivers requires no power as it will receive the power automatically over the same CAT cable as the audio & video signal.

The super slim receiver is only 15mm thick so can be easily hidden from view, behind a TV or monitor.

The K-55-4POE-KIT extender enables lossless transmission of a HDMI source over single CAT cabling to upto 4 displays at a maximum of 55m away each.The unique and useful HDMI Loop through allows the HDMI Transmitter to split the video to a local TV display, saving on the cost and space of a 2-way HDMI Splitter.

The extender offers uncompressed 1080p HD video@60Hz with 24bit colour video transmission and offers full 3D compatibility. The included bidirectional IR control allows you to control your device using it’s remote control.

True EDID management by DIP switches is supported to configure handshaking between connected devices. Alternatively, the intuitive Sync button means you no longer have to use DIP switches to adjust the cable length distance. Just press the button and everything is done automatically.


  • Up to 55m 1080p 60Hz*
  • 4-Way 1080p Splitter Kit (includes 4 Receivers)
  • PoE - Receivers require no power
  • HDMI Loop-through for local display
  • Auto cable length detection
  • Super slim - only 16mm thick
  • HDMI 1.3
  • HDCP 1.4 Compliant
  • 3D Supported
  • Automatic EDID
  • IR Control
  • Metal casing

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