Brand: Johansson
Code: AE9902
Manufacturer: JOHANSSON
Man Code: 9725
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AE9902 JOHANSSON SFU dCSS Switch For Sky Q

Johansson have introduced the 9725 SFU dCSS to make your SKY Q installations more successful!

This simple low cost device allows both the wideband and terrestrial signals to pass together through an existing twin cable installation, with a standard quad outlet in the home.

Sky Q's default setting for domestic installations is wideband V/H. But "diplexed" wall sockets are not wideband compatible. The 9725 receives the wideband signal from the LNB and converts it to dSCR mode as well as adding the radio and terrestrial signals (if required). All signals are compatible to then pass through a standard "diplexed" wall socket, allowing the Sky Q Box to receive the signals in dSCR mode from the wall socket. The only thing you need to do is install the 9725 on the antenna mast - indoor and outdoor mounting is possible.


  • Designed for Pre-Wired dwellings with Wideband LNBs and Terrestrial and Radio antennas
  • 3 inputs: 2 Satellite cables (Wideband LNB) + 1 Terrestrial cable
  • 2 outputs with 16 user bands each
  • Multistandard: EN50494 – EN50607 – SKY – Legacy – Terr.
  • Supporting New Build Developers and also for Retro-Fitting
  • Makes all digital platforms available to residents
  • Upgrade to Sky Q without changing your existing quadplex wall socket
  • For indoor use and outdoor use

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