JOHANSSON 6611L 6 Cluster Profiler

Brand: Johansson
Code: AE9910
Manufacturer: UNITRON
Man Code: 6611UK
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Programmable filter amplifier: In situations where a medium gain (in the order of 45 dB) is sufficient and the high number of antenna inputs is not needed the Profino could be the ideal solution!The Profino is more compact than a normal Profiler and apart from the reduced number of inputs filter clusters and gain the operation is identical to the other Profilers.

  • 4 inputs: FM, BIII/DAB and 2 x UHF
  • 6 UHF clusters from 1 to 7 channels bandwidth
  • BIII-DAB input with 1 or 4 channels bandwidth filter
  • BI-FM input for BI or FM or BI + FM
  • High UHF input levels (up to 105 dB��V)
  • Selectable remote power (12-24 V) on BIII and UHF inputs
  • -30 dB test output

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