JOHANSSON 6601UK 10 Cluster Profiler

Brand: Johansson
Code: AE9915
Manufacturer: UNITRON
Man Code: 6601UK
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Programmable filter amplifier Lite (UK version): The Profiler Lite devices are a slimmed down version of the basic 6600 Profiler offering the same flexibility but alower gain less filter clusters and a lower number of inputs. These are ideal for smaller buildings where the high gainof the 6600 Profiler is not needed.

  • 5 inputs : BI-FM/BIII/3 x UHF (UK version: FM/BIII/3 x UHF)
  • 10 UHF programmable clusters from 1 to 7 channels bandwidth
  • Medium gain: 45 dB
  • 12V remote power on UHF inputs
  • VHF-UHF split band amplifier with inter-stage attenuators
  • -30 dB test output

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