INFORMA Speech Dialer

Brand: Honeywell
Code: SE1550
Manufacturer: N/A
Man Code: 8ep276a-uk
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The INFORMA is a speech dialler for use with all our alarm control panels. When the control panel recognises an alarm it will trigger the Informa. The Informa will use a telephone line to dial a pre-programmed telephone number and replay a previously recorded message thereby alerting the recipient of the call to the alarm and potential intrusion.The recipient must acknowledge the call. If they fail to do this then the message will be repeated a number of times. After this the Informa will hang-up and dial a second and third telephone number replaying the message each time. If the Informa fails to be acknowledged it will repeat the sequence a further 6 times

  • 3 telephone numbers + follow me
  • Recorded message stored in memory
  • Master message + 3 trigger messages
  • Inhibit input for bells only panels
  • Adjustable playback volume
  • Last event memory recall
  • Message length: Max 20 secs, main + A or B or C
  • Phrase length: Main 11 secs, A,B,C 3 secs each
  • Dialling method: DTMF
  • Dimensions: W 148mm H 115mm x D 32mm

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