#HIKVISION IP Based Access Control Unit

Brand: Hikvision
Code: SE9500
Manufacturer: HIKVISION
Man Code: DS-K1T201MF
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SE9500 HIKVISION IP Based Access Control Unit


  • DS-K1T201MF IP-based Fingerprint Access Control Terminal
  • Supports Local activation
  • IP addresses conflicted alarm
  • M1 card encryption
  • Supports communicating with 4 software clients simultaneously;
  • Supports uploading real-time events
  • Gets offline events: Avoids events losing
  • Doorbell ringtone settings function
  • Touch mode and blue light display technique for keypadStand-alone settings for the terminal
  • 2.8-inch LCD display screen to display the time, the date, etc.Max. 100,000 cards No., Max. 300,000 access control event records and Max. 5000 fingerprints storage
  • AVAILABLE MODELS DS-K1T201 Series MAIN FEATURES Spec of DS-K1T201 Series IP-based Fingerprint Access Control Terminal www.hikvision.com 2
  • Communication via wired network (TCP/TP) and Wi-Fi  Supports EHome protocol for public network communicationFace detection and picture capturing function implemented by built-in camera (2 MP optional, only supported by DS-K1T201EF/MF-C)
  • Adopts the optical fingerprint module, supporting 1:N mode (fingerprint, card + fingerprint) and 1:1 mode (card + fingerprint)Supports multiple authentication modes (card, fingerprint, card + fingerprint, card + password, fingerprint + password, card + fingerprint + password, and so on)
  • Supports RS-485 and Wiegand (26/34) communication for connecting external card reader
  • Applies authentications from the client to the device or uploading the captured pictures from the device to the client (only supported by DS-K1T201EF/MF-C)
  • Supports working as a card reader, and supports Wiegand interface and RS-485 interface for accessing the controller
  • Supports EM card reading (supported by DS-K1T201EF/EF-C)
  • Supports Mifare card reading (supported by DS-K1T201MF/MF-C)
  • Tampering detection, unlocking overtime alarm, invalid card swiping over times alarm, blacklist alarm, forced opening door alarm, IP addresses conflicted alarm, and duress card alarm and so onVCreates dismiss code for dismiss alarm
  • Accurate data and time display provided by built-in electronic clock and watchdog program to ensure the basic function of the terminal
  • Data can be permanently saved after power-off.

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