HDanywhere XTND 4K 100m HDMI Extender

Brand: HDanywhere
Code: AE9829
Manufacturer: HDanywhere
Man Code: XTND2K100TP
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Use the XTND HDBaseT 2.0 Pro Extender with PoE, long-distance mode and two-way IR to extend a 4K HDMI entertainment device up to 100m, or a Full HD 1080p HDMI device up to 150m over a single Cat 5e or Cat 6 cable. Two-way IR allows you to control your set top box, access all its content, recordings and menus as usual using its remote control

Take your favourite HDMI set top box the distance with the XTND HDBaseT-Pro HDMI over Cat 5e / Cat 6 extender. Extend the range of a 4K set top box, like Sky Q silver, over a Cat 6 cable up to 100m in length. Increase the range of a Full HD 1080p set top box, like Virgin TiVo, to up to 150m. The XTND 4K (100m) supports HDCP 2.2 allowing it to work and be compatible with all the latest 4K HDMI devices and TVs. It also lets HDR content be delivered over distances HDR-ready TVs.

How to extend the range of your 4K or 1080p set top box:

Your set top box connects to the transmitter of the XTND using a HDMI cable. Your TV is connected to the receiver of the XTND, also using a HDMI cable. A single Cat 5e or Cat 6 cable connects the receiver and transmitter to one another. This Cat 5e or Cat 6 cable needs to be installed and terminated by you or a qualified professional, and can be a maximum length of 100m when used with 4K devices, and 150m when used with 1080p devices.

Over this single Cat 5e or Cat 6 cable, the XTND 4K (100m) transmitter uses HDBaseT Pro 2.0 technology to send 4K, 1080p or 720p video, stereo or multichannel audio, two-way IR remote control signals, a 10/100 Ethernet Internet connection for things like Smart TV services, aswell as PoE (power for the display receiver that's situated behind your TV). The XTND receiver is sent these signals and then displays the audio and video from your set top box on the screen with no lag and no degradation in image qualtiy.

Sold as a complete kit, every box includes: 1 x HDBaseT-Pro transmitter, 1 x HDBaseT-Pro PoE receiver, IR transmitters and receivers, RS232 cable, 24V power supply, and mounting wings for positioning the receiver in behind your TV.

Watch TRUE HD in every room! Our HDMI distribution ranges will allow you distribute HD up to 4K! Recent developments in technology mean you can now distribute HDMI over CAT5, CAT6 and traditional Co-ax cable. Grax stock a huge range of HDMI Leads and accessories along with professional Matrixes that allow full control of multiple HDMI devices via your Smart Phone or Tablet. HDBT, POE, 4K and 5Play made easy! E-mail me with your requirements; you will be amazed what is possible!
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