HDanywhere MHUB S (8+8X8) 100

Brand: HDanywhere
Code: AE9854
Manufacturer: HDanywhere
Man Code: 2.50.888
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AE9854 HDanywhere MHUB S (8+8X8) 100
For system building from 8 to 32 zones, with 100 metre range at 4K, autodownscaling to 1080, MHUB-S is HDANYWHERE’s solution for larger projects such as premium residential and light commercial, pubs, retail and the like.The MHUB S is the solution for bigger projects. With up to 32 zones of video and control included, MHUB S is cheaper and easier to install than AV over IP.
Designed to be super simple to install and setup via the uControl App, featuring full control over all connected source and TV functions, including system-wide sequences such as ‘all on’ or ‘all off’, as well as sequence scheduling as a value-add, free onboard function.

MHUB-S can be used as an ‘expansion matrix’ stacked with other MHUB models such as MHUB PRO 2.0 or MHUB U. This allows an installer to create hybrid systems that deliver a mix of functions for each zone’s need. For example a 4x4 MHUB PRO 2.0 can be combined with an MHUB-S to deliver up to 12 zones of video, with 4 having the ARC functionality found on the PRO 2.0.
Your time is important. A project may involve the procurement of hardware, infrastructure, control and installation, this takes time and effort. MHUB S and a Zone Processor (if you're stacking systems) is 2 SKUs and everything needed is included inside the box. Building a 8x16, 8x24 or 8x32 system is the same difficulty as setting up a single MHUB.

  • HDMI® 2.0 features supported up to 18Gbps
  • Auto down scaling on all outputs
  • Multi-channel digital audio support up to and inlcuding Dolby/Atmos and DTS:X
  • HDMI Input Mirrors for output expansion
  • HDMI Output Mirrors
  • Audio extraction for all outputs (not downmixed)
  • Bi-directional IR
  • Pass source IR commands to other connected MHUB S systems
  • CEC and advanced EDID management
  • uControl & Amazon Alexa compatible
  • Remotely manageable

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