HDanywhere MHUB Pro 2.0 (4x4) Matrix



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MHUB PRO 2 (4x4) 40 4x4 Matrix

Designed to address the needs of a contemporary AV install, MHUB PRO 2.0 is fully HDMI 2.0 compatible, equipped with 18G HDMI interfaces andbackplane to support Ultra HD 4K/60 (4:4:4) with HDBaseT 2.0 technology to transmit 4K to displays up to 40 metres away over a single Cat6 cablewith no latency.

Versatile integrator-centric functions include an internal video scaler, which can fix certain video zones at 1080p, without affecting higher 4Kresolution zones, so that every display is always performing at its best. Audio can be ‘grabbed’ from either the source or display via HDMI-ARC,and an internal 12x4 independent audio matrix switcher offers flexible routing of the grabbed audio, with volume and delay adjustments to makemanaging audio easy for connection to amps, active speakers, soundbar etc.

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