#HDanywhere MHUB Audio (6x4)

Brand: HDanywhere
Code: AE9860
Manufacturer: HDANYWHERE
Man Code: 2.50.772
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MHUB AUDIO (6x4) Matrix

MHUB AUDIO is a 6x4 matrix-amp with DSP EQ, dedicated sub outs and integrated 110 watt amplifiers. Designed and built in Worcestershire, this is HDA’s first product for multiroom audio and high quality sound. Designed to be an easy and seamless companion to any MHUB PRO HDMI distribution system, and which integrates automatically within uControl. Enabling you to ‘do more with less hardware’, the introduction of theMHUB AUDIO means it is now possible to create a total whole-home video, audio and amplification solution entirely under the HDA brand, simple to spec, simple to install and simple to control.


  • 4x 110w stereo zones, 8x 55w channels 4 Ohm (all zones driven)
  • Roomwizard EQ
  • 6 inputs/ 4 stereo/ 2 digital 4x zone sub/slave outs
  • Automatically syncs with uControl app
  • High-efficiency power supply
  • Auto low power
  • Sold as a complete install package mounting kit included.

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