HD Anywhere HDMI Signal Manager

Brand: HDanywhere
Code: AE9835
Manufacturer: HDanywhere
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A Swiss Army knife for HDMI devices!The HDMI Signal Manager has been designed forwhen a HDMI source signal is shared to multipleHDTV displays, monitors, AVRs or projectors. TheHDMI Signal Manager ensures that each device getsthe type of HDMI signal that's best suited to itscapabilities, by either upscaling or downscaling videoand audio to match.

  • HDMI Audio De-embedding - Audio is extracted from the HDMI datastream.
  • HDMI Audio Downmixing - The de-embedded audio is downmixed toboth 5.1 output via the optical port and 2.0ch stereo output via the3.5mm headphone jack port.
  • HDMI Video Resolution Scaling - The signal manager can up ordownscale the video on the input to match that required on the HDMI display connected to the output. It has three video options 1. 1080p/60 2.720p/60 3. AUTO, which is based on the EDID of the connected device.
  • HDMI Audio Embedding - users can select what audio format(multichannel or stereo) is embedded back onto the HDMI signalbefore the HDMI output port.
  • Maximum Resolution output 1080p/60 (no 3D passthrough)

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