GLOBAL Stacker De-Stacker (Diseqc)

Brand: Global Invacom
Code: AE8970
Manufacturer: N/A
Man Code: F101692
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DiSEqC Stacker De-StackerSDS allows two satellite bands0.95-2.15GHz to be transmitted via a single commoncoaxial cable between the LNB/multi-switch feeds and thesatellite receivers STB.Automatic Slope Compensation allows the unit to covercable lengths of up to 30 metres. Extendable to cover cablelengths up to 60 metres with the addition of an SDS LineAmplifier Order AE8975Combining of the bands is implemented in Stacker withfrequency UP conversion of one of the satellite signals SATand combining it with the other SATTV. The second signal SATTV is not converted and can carry terrestrial signals15-860MHz in addition to the satellite band.The combined signal from the Stacker is distributed via thecommon cable and split into the original two signals in De-Stacker which also DOWN converts one of the bandsSAT to the original frequencies. Terrestrial is madeavailable on one of the De-Stacker ports.Powering of the system is provided from a separate 20Vpower supply connected to De-Stacker to avoid anyswitching problems from the Set-top box STB.

  • 2 LNB inputs into one
  • Both LNB inputs independently selectable
  • DiSEqC loop through to LNB/
  • Independently Powered
  • May be used in a Non DiSEqC installation

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