#PROMAX Prolite-42 Fibre Optic Splicer

Brand: Promax
Code: AE8399
Manufacturer: Promax
Man Code: PROLITE-42
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SPECIAL ORDER. Please allow 2 - 3 working days for delivery

The ultra slim fibre optics fusion splicer model PROLITE­42meets the highest quality requirements. It is the perfect designfor the installation and maintenance of any type of optical fibrenetwork, specially for FTTH installers.

It features a battery life for up to 300 splicings with a singlecharge, with automatic core fibre alignment and up to 300xon­screen magnification. The fusion splicer can be bothbattery ­operated and also connected to the mains

The PROLITE­42 is delivered into its own rugged transportcase, that also includes all the necessary tools toimmediately work with optical fibre: Cleaver, stripper, fusionprotection sleeves, cooling tray and spare electrodes.

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