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Triax Training Videos and Basic Webinars

Grax and Triax have been partners since 1992! We are happy to offer this self support area that includes easy to follow how to videos and Basic Webinars to help resolve your project query.The support area is constantly updated so please check regularly

To view the Triax How-to-videos and Basic Webinars Click Here


Register for the HDANYWHERE XTND webinar, where you can quickly refresh your knowledge on this powerful range or learn something new you didn’t know before..

HDANYWHERE XTNDing your reach - Extenders for every occasion. Get an overview of the 2020 range of HDA XTND models and learn some useful tricks in the process.

With so many HDA and other industry Pros facing a disruption to their traditional routines, we at Grax thought we would use a new feature called “Watch Now” that allows you to register and watch this automated webinar at a time that suits you.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them in the Questions section and one of us will get back to you within 24 hours with a response.

To register for the HDANYWHERE XTND webinar Click Here

Whyte Technologies Training Videos

  • Video 1
    IRS System Planning - An introduction
    introduces IRS System Planning concepts, the Window of Operation and Coaxial Cable losses for Terrestrial systems.
  • Video 2
    IRS System Planning
    basic Terrestrial TV reception
  • Video 3
    IRS System Planning
    Terrestrial system with two outlets, a splitter and calculating signal level requirements from the furthest outlet plate to the antenna.
  • Video 4
    IRS System Planning
    Terrestrial signal losses over long cable lengths, masthead amplifiers and calculating gain requirements.
  • Video 5
    Introduction to WOSP
    basics of the user interface and how to start constructing your own IRS schematic diagrams.

    To View the Whyte Technologies Training Videos Click Here

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    CAI 3 Day Basic Aerial & Satellite Accredited Course with Kevin Dawson
  • October 27th,28th & 29th 2020
  • CAI Courses are chargeable and need to be booked with the CAI

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    GRAX Birmingham

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