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Friday September 25th 1.00PM to 2.00PM Johansson HDMI Streamer - Online Training Webinar

Grax are happy to invite you to the free Johansson HDMI Streamer webinar. The HD Video and Audio Encoder puts your HDMI source on a local network or the internet.

We find it important that you well understand its features and capabilities. This will help you offer more value and flexibility to you the installer and/or end-users.
The online training will be given by Pietro Cilli, Johansson Sales Manager and product expert.

The training consists of four parts:

  • General information and use cases
  • Configuration
  • Live demo
  • Q&A

    To register for the Johansson HDMI Streamer Webinar Click Here

  • To view or buy the AE9903 JOHANSSON HDMI Streamer Click Here

    Useful TELEVES Training Videos to view at your convenience!

    To view the video For the TELEVES H30 Flex Multi Standard Meter (GRAX CODE:AE9995) Click Here

    To view the video For the TELEVES Avant-X HD Headend (GRAX CODE:AE7575) Click Here

    To view the TELEVES NevoSwitch dCSS - Set-up and step by step configuration Click Here

    GRAX presents HDMI, HDCP & EDID - Get to know the important basics of these four-letter words.. with Justin Fothergill

    Here is What You'll Learn
  • Understand HDMI basics...because we're stuck with it
  • How does HDCP impact your system design? ...because you cannot ignore this
  • EDID and why to manage it
  • Now you know...why they build HDA the way we do

    About Justin Fothergill

    Justin is an industry veteran who, since 1986, has risen through the field from retail to distribution and now manufacturer.

    Justin's almost boundless energy is only matched by his passion for life, work and industry and his natural enthusiasm has been driving people mad for years!

    Justin is Brand Director at HDANYWHERE and has been working closely with Grax providing excellent training to our staff and customers.

    To View This Webinar Replay Link Click Here

  • AJAX Security Systems Step by Step Tutorial

    In this video you will study all aspects of AJAX Security Systems. Ajax is the most awarded wireless security system in Europe. This 37-minute video covers all product and installation topics step by step.

    To view the Ajax Smart Alarm - Step by Step Tutorial Click Here

    Triax Training Videos and Basic Webinars

    Grax and Triax have been partners since 1992! We are happy to offer this self support area that includes easy to follow how to videos and Basic Webinars to help resolve your project query.The support area is constantly updated so please check regularly

    To view the Triax How-to-videos and Basic Webinars Click Here


    Register for the HDANYWHERE XTND webinar, where you can quickly refresh your knowledge on this powerful range or learn something new you didn’t know before..

    HDANYWHERE XTNDing your reach - Extenders for every occasion. Get an overview of the 2020 range of HDA XTND models and learn some useful tricks in the process.

    With so many HDA and other industry Pros facing a disruption to their traditional routines, we at Grax thought we would use a new feature called “Watch Now” that allows you to register and watch this automated webinar at a time that suits you.

    If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask them in the Questions section and one of us will get back to you within 24 hours with a response.

    To register for the HDANYWHERE XTND webinar Click Here

    Whyte Technologies Training Videos

  • Video 1
    IRS System Planning - An introduction
    introduces IRS System Planning concepts, the Window of Operation and Coaxial Cable losses for Terrestrial systems.
  • Video 2
    IRS System Planning
    basic Terrestrial TV reception
  • Video 3
    IRS System Planning
    Terrestrial system with two outlets, a splitter and calculating signal level requirements from the furthest outlet plate to the antenna.
  • Video 4
    IRS System Planning
    Terrestrial signal losses over long cable lengths, masthead amplifiers and calculating gain requirements.
  • Video 5
    Introduction to WOSP
    basics of the user interface and how to start constructing your own IRS schematic diagrams.

    To View the Whyte Technologies Training Videos Click Here

  • Hikvision Upcoming Webinars (Temperature Screening Solutions)

    Hikvision, the world’s leading manufacturer of surveillance equipment, from CCTV to IT technology, has gained a lot of experience along the way and Grax would love to share with you. Grax wants to improve industry standards by offering a number of Hikvision accredited professional video surveillance webinars to validate your existing video expertise online.

    To view the Hikvision Upcoming Webinars Click Here

    Fermax KIT WAY-Fi (pair your smartphone)

    Grax would like to share with you video tutorials about Fermax’s KIT WAY-Fi and their smartphone apps for remote connectivity.

    The KIT WAY-Fi gives you TOTAL FREEDOM. With Wi-Fi connectivity built into your monitor, you can divert your video door entry system to your smartphone, receive the call, answer and open the door if you want.

    How to pair Android Smartphone with Way-Fi kits Click Here

    How to pair iOS Smartphone with Way-Fi kits Click Here

    Full List of Fermax Training Information Click Here

    How to configure the UBIQUITI Unifi Access Point for the first time

    In this video, Grax will go over how to configure a Unifi Access Point for the first time. If you don't quite know how to install one of these access points and configure it, just follow the steps in this video and get it running in no time.

    To view the how to configure a UBIQUITI Unifi Access Point video Click Here

    Sanus Training Videos

    Grax has been working with Sanus to create handy training videos for refreshing your Sanus knowledge and teaching you about the brand and products

    To view Quick Overview Click Here

    To view What's in the Box? Click Here

    To view VLF728 Click Here

    To view VMF720 Click Here

    To view VSF716 Click Here

    Aldous Systems webinar and training opportunities

    Whether your stuck at home, working from the home office, or business as usual, Grax and Aldous Systems want to make sure you can keep up to date with all the additional webinars and training opportunities we will have over the coming weeks.

    If your planning to include Elan Control in your range, Grax and Aldous Systems can even get you through your Certification training, instead of "hands on", it's now a remote "hands off", with dates for May about to be released (as well as all the update webinars already on the portal)

    "Old Ways won't open New Doors"
    Can your business afford not to educate, improve and diversify?

    To view traning material to complete at your own pace Click Here

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