FibreIRS 1310 OTX & LNB Kit

Brand:Global Invacom


AE8304 FibreIRS 1310 OTX & LNB Kit
Introducing the new OTx optical headend from Global Invacom.Fully compatible with all the current FibreIRS equipment and designed forfuture compatibility. Replaces the functionality of the optical LNB and ODU32.

Wideband LNB designed to be used with the Global Invacom OTx headend for optimum performance. 2 fixed polarity wideband outputs with F type connectors. One port for vertical polarity and one for Horizontal. The unit can be powered via either output.
FibreIRS 1310 OTX Features

  • FibreIRS FC/UPC optical input
  • Fully compatible with GI O2O and existing FibreIRS systems
  • Wideband input
  • Wall or pole mount
  • 1310nm version

    FibreIRS Wideband LNB Features
  • 10.41GHz LO
  • Fully compatible with GI OTx Headend
  • 2 x F connector wideband outputs
  • Space saving design
  • Small form factor