FERMAX Surface Mount - Series 4



SE8114 FERMAX Surface Mount - Series 4

Surface Mount box for Grax products

  • SE8123 FERMAX Citymax 3 Way Audio Kit
  • SE8124 FERMAX Citymax 4 Way Audio Kit
  • SE8126 FERMAX Citymax 6 Way Audio Kit

    In order to install a panel it is necessary to place a box in the wall where we will subsequently fix the panel.For those cases where it is not desirable or possible to make a hole in the wall for the flush box (marble facades, stone facades etc..) it is recommendable to use a surface box. It’s depth is of only 33mm., and its design integrates perfectly to the aesthetic of the panel. When different panels are combined a set of joining bolts is not required.Available in all the series.