Expressone Wifi Chime

Brand: N/A
Code: SE9269
Manufacturer: N/A
Man Code: Expressone Wifi Chime
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SE9269 Expressone Wifi Chime

This Chime is the ideal accessory for the Express One Smart Doorbell Grax Code SE9270. The chime plugs into power sockets directly and consumes low amounts of power, but still provides enough volume to be heard all around your home. With 38 melodies to choose from, you'll be sure to find something to suit your needs.

Setup couldn't be easier, simply hold the music button on the chime for 5 seconds and then press your Doorbells main ringer. They will pair and the chime will sound whenever your doorbell rings, perfect for if you're in your home and don't feel the need to use the app!
Multiple chimes can be paired in the same way for one doorbell, and after pairing there is no need to worry about interference, even with other similar doorbells in the area!

For use with SE9270 Expressone Wi-Fi Doorbell


  • High Quality Speaker, 4 Levels of Volume
  • 38 Melodies to Choose From
  • 1 Click Paring to your Doorbell
  • Mutiple Chimes per Doorbell
  • Accessory for Express One Smart Doorbell, Not Standalone (SE9270)

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