ELWIS Pro Mains Powered LED Task Lamp

Brand: N/A
Code: ZSPEC03
Manufacturer: ELWIS
Man Code: X4
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ZSPEC03 ELWIS Pro Mains Powered LED Task Lamp

The Elwis Pro X4 is a mains powered LED task light that exudes a powerful natural white light of 3800 lumens from a 60 W COB LED with a RRP of £169.95.

The COB LED has a high colour rendering index (CRI ≥ 95+) and a colour temperature of 5000 K that provides a natural light colour. The high CRI means the beam resembles that of sunlight, making colours appear more clearly to the human eye and also reduces eye strain. This combined with the 90° angle of flood lighting due to the wide reflector, makes it perfect for workshops, decorators working past daylight and working up in loft spaces, just to name a few uses.

A 3 pin mains power cable is attached to the light and has to be plugged into the mains power for the light to turn on. Two 250 V 16 A 3 pin sockets are located on the back of the light so that you can power two mains devices at the same times as having the light on, which is useful if you only have access to one plug socket and need to power other items such as power tools or a wallpaper stripper. Please note that the overload power protector will cut the power from the lamp if the total output on two sockets being used at the same time exceeds 16 A.

The light also has a powerbank function and offers a USB 5 V 1 A output to charge external devices such as your phone or tablet. It is made from aluminium with a yellow rubber bumper for increased robustness, durability and visibility, and the lens is made from durable glass, which houses a polycarbonate reflector. The adjustable foot stand allows you to stand the light up on a flat surface and alter the direction the beam points in.