Double Swiched Socket with 2 x USB



Its not any old faceplate......The 2 Amp Intelligent Split Power Supply gives a far superior charging rate over many Standard USB Charging Plates. Rather than limiting the individual ports to half the overall allowance per port resulting in much slower charging times the USB Charging Plate has the potential to power up to 2 Amp from one single port.

  • Fits any standard double backbox minimum depth of 35mm
  • The USB charging sockets are limited at 2 Amp if the current exceeds this it will automatically trip off to protect your devices
  • 2 Amp intelligent split - 2 Amp is split between the 2 USB ports however each port only pulls the required power allowing an optimum charging rate rather than a reduced slower rate
  • Working temperature: -20 - 80 degC
  • Maximum USB output: 2A 5V DC combined
  • UK 3 pin socket output: 13A 250V AC
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