CAT6 External 100m

Brand: Triax
Code: DC2005
Manufacturer: TRIAX
Man Code: 155003
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This high quality Pure copper UTP Unshielded twisted pair network cable is for use with all networking and HDMI over UTP applications.Cat6 category 6 UTP cable is made to very strict high quality standards. Cat6 cable is the professionals choice when it comes to installing high speed and high performance networks.Cat6 is one of the highest category ratings giving Ethernet speeds of upto 10Gbps. If you compare this to your standard home broadband of anywhere from 3-20Mbps this Cat6 cable potential of 10Gbps 10000Mbps is absolutely massive When it comes to using UTP cables for transferring massive High Definition movies and video you want to make sure you always use the best quality Ethernet Twisted Pair cableTriax have a range of HDBaseT HDMI and internet distribution splitters and matrix switches. These allow you to distribute upto 8 different HDMI sources all independently viewable to upto 8 different TV. Along with this high speed internet and reverse IR remote control features plus upto 100m to every TV location. Cat6 cable is the ideal companion for any HDBaseT installation.Specifications:1 Conductor: Material - BC- Bare Copper Stranding - Solid Wire Gauge - 23AWG Dia. 0.005mm - 0.555 2 Insulation: Material - HDPE Dia.0.005mm - 1.00 Colour Code:White/Blue Blue White/Orange Orange White/Green Green White/Brown Brown 3 Paired: Direction Right Hand Lay Length of Lay 38mm 4 Cabling: Order of Pair See Cross section Direction Right Hand Lay 5 Outer Sheath Material LDPE Rip Cord 200D3 Thickness 0.05mm 0.7 Dia. 0.2mm 6.5 Electrical Characteristics Reference Standard:TIA/EIA-568-B.2-1 Test Item Units - Spec 1. Max. Conductor DC Resistance O/km 93.8 2. Unbalance of Pair DC Resistance 2.5 3. Dielectric Strength between Pairs kV/min 1.0 4. Min. Insulation Resistance MO/km 5000 5.Max.Pair mutual Capacitance nF/100m 5.6 6.Max.Pair Capacitance Unbalance pF/100m 330 7. Impedance 1to 250MHz O 10015 Sheath Mechanical Characteristics Reference Standard: UL 444 Test Material LDPE Before Tensile Strength Mpa 9.7 Aging Elongation 350 After Tensile Strength 75 Aging Elongation 75 Cold Bend -20C x 4hrs No crack Operating Temperature range -1060C Min. Bend Radius Install 8xD RoHS Guideline Cadmium Content Cd 0.01 Lead Content PB 0.1 Mercury Content Hg 0.1 Chromium content VII 0.1 Polybrominated Biphenyls PBB 0.1 Polybrominated Diphenyl Ether PBDE 0.1

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