CaP System Plastic Caps 4 COLOUR x100

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Code: NS2050C
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Unlike the other F male standards (as screw-on, crimp and compression connectors), CaP has many advantages:
it is made of a special plastic material and therefore it does not interfere with the passing of the signal;
it is composed of only one piece so that you do not have to deal with little parts that have to be put together;
it is compatible with all coaxial cables (from mini-coaxial up to 7mm diameter cables) thanks to its rear membrane which adapts itself to the dimension of the cable;
it is mechanically strong to traction;
it is quickly and easily installed and removed; it takes only 30 seconds for a termination;
it is reusable many times since you can reopen the connection without damaging the connector; it is also recyclable;
it is economical without effecting the quality
colour coded for IRS Systems, 25 of each colour, white, yellow, red, green

Take a look at the videos below to see how easy this system is.

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