AJAX Tag white RFID x3

Brand: Ajax Systems
Code: SE4008
Manufacturer: AJAX
Man Code: 23526.90.WH
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SE4008 AJAX Tag white RFID x3

Ajax tag fob allow to arm and disarm Ajax alarm systems without having an account, accessing the Ajax app or even knowing the password.Just activate a compatible keyboard (KEYPAD PLUS) and add Ajax tag fob to it. The entire system or just a specific group will be armed or disarmed.

The use of Ajax tag fob are recorded in the event feed. The system administrator can, at any time, revoke or restrict the access rights of any Ajax tag fob through the Ajax application.Pass can work with multiple hubs at the same time. The maximum number of hubs in device memory is 13. Remember that you need to attach a Pass to each of the hubs separately through the Ajax APP.Sending events to the system administrator. .

When a Ajax tag fob is linked to a user, arming and disarming events will be sent to the administrator or other authorized users with the user ID. If the Ajax tag fob are not linked to a user, the hub will send the event with the device identifier. You can find the device ID in the Status menu.This system is particularly useful in situations where you want to grant temporary access to arm or disarm the alarm, all or only the devices added to a certain group or groups, without the need for the user to install any application or have any registered account. .

An example of this are systems installed in companies where you only want to grant access to employees without them needing to have an account or install the APP on a smartphone.This system is also perfect for holiday homes or local accommodation.
Key Features

  • Top-tier data protection
  • One Pass card can be connected to 13 hubs (Compatability: KeyPad Plus)
  • Full control in the app
  • Effortless connection
  • Sold in packs of 3
  • Dimensions: 45mm x 32mm x 6mm

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