AJAX Keypad Plus BLACK

Brand: Ajax Systems
Code: SE4006B
Manufacturer: AJAX
Man Code: 26100
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SE4006B AJAX Keypad Plus Black
The Ajax KeyPad Plus is a Wireless indoor touch-sensitive keyboard to control the Ajax security systemwith encrypted contactless cards and tags. You can easily arm and disarm your system by tapping your pass or tag.

The all-new KeyPad Plus firmware gets the most out of the pre-installed battery. Even with the contactless identificationfunction's daily use, the keypad will work for up to 3.5 years without battery replacement. And with the card and tag readerdisabled, the battery life reaches 4.5 years. KeyPad Plus warns a monitoring station and users about the need to replace thebattery.
Key Information

  • KeyPad Plus, it is no longer necessary to create an Ajax account for new users. Just provide a person with acontactless, copy-protected tag or card to grant them access to the whole security system or particular groups.
  • KeyPad Plus events are recorded in the system event feed. If an access device is lost, the owner can disable it instantly in theAjax app, and the user can use a personal passcode instead. All user permissions can be changed remotely and in real-time.
  • KeyPad Plus uses DESFire technology to quickly and securely identify users. It is a best-in-class contactless communication solution that allows identifying the user by card or tag.
  • Compatable with Hub Plus, Hub 2, Hub 2 Plus and REX
  • Wireless Touch Keypad
  • Contactless Access
  • Remote Access Management
  • Password Attempt Limit
  • Up to 200 Tags or Passes
  • Up to 4.5 Years Battery Life
  • Available in Black & White

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