Brand: Ajax Systems
Code: SE4029
Manufacturer: Ajax
Man Code: 8001
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ReX is the Ajax security system radio signal range extender, that expands the boundaries of the protected area. It controls the system devices connected to it enabling the user to place them at a considerable distance from the hub - in a multi-storey office, in a detached garage or in a large production plant. ReX doubles the signal range which potentially extends the Ajax radio coverage area up to 16 km².

ReX is run by the intelligent OS Malevich. This operating system has already proved its reliability within the Ajax hubs ensuring the security of hundreds of thousands of premises all over the world. ReX knows the same as Ajax central panel, and controls the devices connected to the system, makes decisions with lightning speed, and is always on guard. The capabilities and the role of ReX in the security system will continue to grow with OS Malevich updates that are free for all users.


  • Radio channel range extender
  • Device type: Wireless
  • For indoor use
  • Operates only with Hub and Hub Plus featuring OS Malevich 2.7.1 and later
  • Alarm signal delivery time of 0.3 seconds
  • Maximum connected devices: Hub - up to 99, Hub Plus - up to 149
  • Operating system OS Malevich
  • Mains supply: 110−240 V
  • Battery backup: Li-Ion 2 А⋅hUp to 35 hours of offline operation
  • Operating temperature range: −10°С to +40°СPermissible humidity upto 75%
  • Anti-sabotageJamming detection
  • Tamper-resistant
  • Dimensions: 163×163×36 mm
  • Weight: 330 g

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