AJAX MotionProtect Curtain WHITE indoor

Brand:Ajax Systems


SE4038 AJAX MotionProtect Curtain WHITE indoor

MotionProtect Curtain is a curtain type detector for indoor/outdoor use, it creates an invisible veil protecting windows, doors and valued goods from burglars. To create MotionProtect Curtain we have developed an optical system consisting of two infrared sensors and a segmented mirror. This system allows the detector to receive twice as much information about the events in the protected zone than provided by regular curtain detectors. It helps to determine reliably the cause of triggering: a stream of hot air, an animal or an intruder. And it reacts only to the real threats.

Immune to pets and birds, When an animal enters the protected zone, the detector performs a digital cross-correlation of the signals. MotionProtect Curtain can tell apart humans and animals, and filter out false alarms.


  • Radio-interlinked photoelectric security detector
  • Wireless
  • Operates with Hub, Hub Plus, ReX
  • 2 PIR sensors
  • Alarm signal delivery time: 0.15 s
  • Motion detection distance: Up to 11 m
  • Detection angles: Horizontal-6°, Vertical-90°
  • Sensitivity adjustable: 3 levels
  • Recommended installation height 2.4 m
  • Battery life: up to 3 years