500ml Alcohol HAND SANITISER

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Manufacturer: Practic
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NS8825 500ml Alcohol HAND SANITISER

Hand sanitisers that are 60% are good at killing germs, wouldn’t 90% or even 100% alcohol be even better? Surprisingly no. While higher alcohol concentrations do kill some rare germs better, the optimal concentration of alcohol to kill most bacteria, viruses (including coronaviruses), and fungi is a range that begins with 60% alcohol. Higher levels won’t kill those infections any better.

Hand sanitisers with incredibly high concentrations of alcohol come with trade-offs.

Hand sanitisers with concentrations between 60-70% alcohol also contain emollients, ingredients that moisturise your hands. The higher the per cent alcohol, the more drying the hand sanitiser. Since alcohol is incredibly drying, these gels cannot be used regularly without damaging your hands. Research shows that you can actually make yourself more vulnerable to disease after using such cleansers.
This generous, family-sized is convenient for use by everyone entering your home and toprotect loved ones from disease. Ensure that your private spaces remain sanitary and germ-free,regardless of what’s happening in the outside world.

  • Instant-action, quick-drying gel: Practic Family Hand Sanitiser kills germs on contact! Noneed to rub your hands forever or even rinse to stay healthy. Simply massage this quick-drying gelonto your hands to eliminate viruses, bacteria, and fungus immediately.
  • 62.44% alcohol for CDC and WHO-recommended power: The Centres for Disease Controland the World Health Organisation recommend use of hand sanitisers with at least 60% alcohol toensure they have maximum efficacy. Practic Family Hand Sanitiser exceeds this minimumrecommendation to ensure a powerful, highly effective cleansing gel.
  • Safe and gentle enough for the whole family: Powerful doesn’t mean harsh! Our cleansinggel is formulated with emollients so it doesn’t irritate skin. Even the littlest family members can usePractic Family Hand Sanitiser with its safe, residue-free formulation.
  • Perfect at home or on the go: Use our water-free hand sanitiser everywhere. Keep a bottle inyour car, in your entry hall, and even in your bag to stay clean anywhere, anytime!
  • The perfect solution to kill harmful germs and stay well: Kill harmful microbes likeviruses, bacteria, and fungus in seconds. Keeping your hands clean dramatically reduces yourchances of getting sick!

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