2 Camera (IP/PoE) Combiner Splitter

Brand: N/A
Code: DC3400
Manufacturer: NetMux
Man Code: Vi00103
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DC3400 2 Camera (IP/PoE) Combiner Splitter

The Vi00103 port multiplexer enables connecting two IP/POE devices using a single Cat5/6 cable. It features a port Combiner and a port Splitter.

Combines two IP/PoE signal and transmits them through only one Cat5/6 cable. It has two built-in 10 inch Cat 5 pigtail cables to connect to the PoE switch. Separates the combined signals and connects them to two ports of the PoE switch. It has two integrated LEDs to provide indication of PoE status for each port.

It handle PoE inputs of up to 37W for each connected device. The NetMux™'s innovative design is compact and easy to use. It is compatible with IEEE 802.af, IEEE 802.at and most non-standards POE systems up to 37W for 10/100 BASE-T environments.

A perfect solution for reducing installation costs or adding PoE cameras or other IP/PoE devices to an existing installation.


  • Connects two IP/PoE devices to a PoE switch using a single Cat5/6 cable
  • Provides up to 37W to each of 2 device
  • Reduces installation costs and time
  • Indicates PoE presence at Camera side (TX module)
  • Compatible with IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at
  • No power source required
  • Low cost and easy to use

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