Anti-Bird Spikes 200mm

Brand: Paragon
Code: AE7899
Manufacturer: N/A
Man Code: AE7899
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The Parashooo Plastic Pigeon Prevention Spike System is designed for protecting TV antennas brackets masts and ledges. The Parashooo 8 PGN 22908 protects TV antennas and ledges that have a depth 1 to 8 inches 25mm to 200mm . They wont affect the TV antenna performance and are suitable against even the heaviest Pigeon infestation. They wont hurt the bird but theyll always deter it

  • Parashooo Plastic Anti-Pigeon Spikes have a strip length of 33cm 13 inches or one third of a metre
  • Theyre simple and quick to install using either silicon fixative or cable ties
  • They protect larger TV antennas
  • They also deter pigeons etc from settling on bracketry masts etc
  • They can offer ledge protection of up to 8 inches 200mm.
  • These type of spikes are used by most pest control companies and councils in the country
  • They allow the antenna installer additional products and services to offer every customer
  • Parashooo Pigeon Spikes Plastic are made from super-tuff Durolon UV stablised polycarbonate.
  • Product warranty is 10 years excludes installation.

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