Eloik 4 In 1 Combined Mini Meter



NS2920 Eloik 4 In 1 Combined Mini Meter l
ALK-502 series of Optical Multi-meter are hand-held optical Power meter and VFL & RJ45 Cable tester integrated testers. Mainly used for continuous optical signal power measurement optical fibre loss rate testing optical fibre line on-off testing and RJ45 cable sequence testing. Widely used in optical cable construction and maintenance optical fibre communication optical cable sensing optical CATV and other fields.

The case design meets the requirements of human body function and adopts advanced thermoplastic moulding technology which is beautiful and durable. The tester has compact shape automatic shutdown function three red light modes backlight display wavelength memory function optical fibre identification support user Calibration Configuration wide test range support a work light.Main features:
Main Features

  • 50+26dbm VFL 15mw
  • 4 in 1 mini meter.
  • OPM (Optical Power Meter).
  • RJ45 Cable Tester
  • VFL (Visual Fault Locater)
  • LED light (white).
  • 10 freqs of wavelengths
  • Covers 10G EPON/X GPON downlinks 1490/1577nm