Brand:Ajax Systems


SE4036 AJAX Dual Curtain OUTDOOR
Take your Ajax system to the next level with instant visual verification when an alarm is raised. The Ajax DualCurtain Outdooris is a wireless bidirectional curtain-type motion detector. Withtwo PIR sensors on each side the DualCurtain Outdoor detection zone reaches30 meters effectively protecting windows doors archways fences and shopfronts.

Key Information

  • DualCurtain Outdoor is equipped with two independent PIR sensors and advanced optics on each side. The alarm activates if both sensors on a side detect motion. In combination with software algorithms this prevents false alarms caused by pets and natural interferences. Temperature compensation allows DualCurtain Outdoor to detect motion effectively throughout the operating temperature range.

  • DualCurtain Outdoor is configured both with toggles on the detector and in the Ajax app. By switching toggles an installer adjusts the detection zone. In the app an installer can set up sensitivity delays disable particular side configure sirens reaction or an automation scenario for the detector alarm. Alarms are displayed in notifications and event feed separately for each side of the detector.

  • DualCurtain Outdoor features an anti-masking system that alerts of covering the detector view. The detector is also equipped with a tamper button that instantly notifies of detaching DualCurtain Outdoor from the surface. The system needs less than a minute to detect communication loss with the detector.

  • Compatable with Hub Plus Hub 2 Hub 2 Plus and REX
  • Up to 15m coverage each side
  • Built-In Tampering Alarm
  • Pet Immunity
  • Advanced Optics
  • Communicates up to 1700m from the Hub 2
  • Up to 4 Year Battery Life
  • Easy & Quick Set-Up